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The divorce process can be most unpleasant. The split-up of a family is sad. Then again, marriage is hard work that requires sacrifice. Not everyone is willing to work hard and not everyone comes into a marriage with a “pure heart, good conscience and sincere faith.”

I like to find an affordable and quick way to get a divorce or custody case done. I have witnessed many divorces that were expensive because the parties wanted to just get even in the courtroom. This makes attorneys a lot of money. I do not find satisfaction in practicing family law this way. I like to inform people what the law is and help them get through a divorce as quickly as possible. The money spent on a drawn-out divorce case can be better spent on starting a new life.

On the other hand, if the other side will not be reasonable, we will certainly stand our ground. I am currently taking divorce cases and custody cases in Dallas County only. For family law cases, going local is your best bet. Below is short, simple information on Texas divorces. I enjoy advising people, so give me a call for more specific information. I can do a brief consultation at no charge and a more detailed look at your situation for a small fee. 972-525-8694.

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