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Texas family law sets the amount of child support as a percentage of monthly income after taxes and some expenses. 20% for one child, 25% for two, 30% for three and so on. Texas family law will make those percentage points lower if the parent has other children to support. A court can order higher amounts if the need can be proven.

The parent paying child support may also have to keep the child on his or her insurance, or pay medical support to the primary care giver.

For folks who receive paychecks, setting child support should be easy. When the parent is changing jobs, owns a business or works for a temporary agency, setting the child support amount can be more of a challenge.

The obligation to pay child support begins at the time of separation of the parents. If parents are separated some time before the filing of a divorce or custody case, the parent who will pay support may end up owing a bill for back support.

Also, a court can consider the special needs of a child in setting the child support amount. Special needs can be a disability, illness or injury for example.

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