A Texas Criminal Lawyer Who Cares

We all have fallen short of perfection.  We all make mistakes.  Sometimes you can say you are sorry.  Sometimes you have to pay a fine.  If the government catches you in your mistake, you may have to do both.

The problem is, sometimes the government makes mistakes.  But, it is pretty slow to say it’s sorry.  If the government makes mistakes in accusing you of a crime, and it does make mistakes, you must get yourself the best defense attorney you can get.

When you need someone to defend you, you need a defense attorney who not only knows what they are talking about, but one who actually cares what happens to you.

Robert Thornton has defended the good people of Texas in criminal cases for over 13 years.  Robert has taken criminal cases since he began practicing law.  

Robert Thornton is passionate about criminal law.  He appreciates what is at stake when he takes on a client.  When a Texas citizen is accused of a crime, that person’s freedom, reputation and ability to earn a living is at risk. What could be more important. 

Mr. Thornton makes his client’s problem, his problem.  Mr. Thornton loves getting his clients great results and he loves to win.  Let him win for you.  Call him at 214 779 7704

I am happy to answer your questions by email: robert@boblawyer.com