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Because you and your family come first

Things can get so bad with your spouse that divorce is the only option left.

And when that moment comes, you want it over with.  No messing around. No unnecessary cost. No unnecessary drama.  You want it done right. You want it done well.

There are situations where, even though you want the divorce or the custody fight over with, the other side wants to drag the case out.  They just have to be convinced that this is not a good idea for anybody.

If there is a way to end a marriage peacefully, that is the best.  Robert Thornton will help you find the way to peace.

But, if you want peace, you must PREPARE FOR WAR.  That means, preparing your case. It does not mean being petty or rude.  Just firm.

Think of the passion it took to get married in the first place.  Think of the passion it takes to bring a child into the world. You can bet there will be passion when it all ends.  When the divorce papers are flying, you will see the true colors of your spouse. Your spouse may want to use the divorce to take revenge or try to make you eat dirt.  My job is to let them know that is unacceptable. My job as a divorce lawyer is to get you through this as quickly as possible. My job as a divorce lawyer is to get you what is yours, including your sanity.  

Getting your property and custody does not have to be expensive.  I like to look for creative ways to get the job done the quickest and easiest way possible.  If there is a way to get you divorced with no drama, I will find it. When you have Attorney Robert Thornton on your team, you will interact directly with a divorce attorney with a 13-year proven track record and who takes a hands-on approach to your Dallas or Collin County divorce.

If you have children together, you will have to deal with each other after the dust settles.  For years. We work to get you divorced while keeping the other side’s sassiness to a minimum.  So, we get you custody, and in a way that you can have a relationship with the other parent of your child.  Your divorce sets the tone for your new relationship with your ex. If you want to avoid hardship with your ex further down the line, the best way to do so is to prevent the divorce from dragging on.  One way to do that is to show you mean business. It’s all about respect, really. A lack of respect is quite often one of the main reasons for the divorce in the first place.

In a divorce, you get respect by coming to the process completely prepared.  We get your finances together and organized. We make a list of property and debts.  Also, most important and most difficult is the timeline. We advise you to make a timeline of the events that led you here.  If you have all the facts of your life at your fingertips, you will be confident. Confidence leads to respect.

I can’t promise it will not hurt.  But I can promise it will end.

Divorce causes pain like no other.  Divorce hits at what is most dear to you.  Children. Home. Income. But, pain is what makes us human.  It means you are alive. A divorce is a chance to take control of the next chapter of your life.

We’re here to help

Robert Thornton  has helped people with their divorce and custody cases in the courthouses of Dallas County in Dallas and Collin County in McKinney and the far reaches of West Texas.  

Robert Thornton’s office is easy to find on the Tollway in Addison, between Arapaho and Beltline.  He is conveniently located in the north Dallas area. He is close to Dallas, Richardson, Carrollton, Plano and Farmer’s Branch.  Call him to schedule an appointment. Or, he will give you a free consultation over the phone.

If divorce is on your mind, call Robert Thornton. He doesn’t back down. Neither should you.

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Attorney Robert Allen Thornton has made it his life’s work to help his North Texas neighbors when they are going through potentially life altering legal matters involving their families. His empathy for this clients fuels his practice as he makes a habit of outworking the attorneys he faces in the courtroom to get his clients a great result.

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