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The key to coming out of a divorce case with your sanity and your wallet intact, is to keep a clear head. The only way to do that is to have a guide, a counselor, a lawyer who cares about you. You need someone who is honest and diligent. A good divorce lawyer is not one who will do anything you say, but one who guides you to the softest landing. For that to work, you must hire a lawyer whom you trust. If you trust your lawyer, then you will feel comfortable taking their advice. I want what is best for you. If I think you are acting in a way that will hurt your case, I am not afraid to speak up.

Over 18 years I have handled divorces with and without children as well as non-divorce custody disputes. I have handled cases involving property division, some of which get as nasty as a child custody case. Each family law case requires its own approach, its own story. I have done this in Dallas, Collin, Denton and some outlying counties in Texas.

The most complex custody battle I handled was an interstate case. The parent left one state in the middle of litigation, to come to Texas to pursue a better deal. I got the other parent sent back to the other state and that parent did jail time. I also got the Texas judge kicked off the case. That was stressful. But, it was worth it. My client was being mistreated and I hate injustice. I hate injustice more than I hate lazy people and bullies.

It is about caring. Caring about what happens to you. Caring is contagious. When the judge sees that your lawyer cares, the judge wants to care about you. That is the lawyer’s function. Their purpose. To relay to the court that somebody cares about what you want and what matters to you.

I handle divorce, property division, custody fights and bringing and defending against restraining orders for family violence. I myself have gone through the process. So I know what it is like. I know all the emotions and fears that you are going through. I am sympathetic to your situation. I also know how important it is to pay attention to what is going on so you don’t fall into a hole.

When a divorce is over, you want to know that you did all you could. Both parties usually feel like that gave up something and the other side should have given more. But at some point down the line, you will know that you did all you could. You want peace of mind with the outcome.

Divorce and custody cases are won on the facts, sort of. They are more often won on how you tell those facts. They are also won on the questions I ask of your spouse or other parent. That is the most important part of a lawyer’s job. I will listen carefully to your story. We will come up with an approach together. Then I will help you tell your story in the courtroom. My job also is to guide you through the process and counsel you on what to say and not to say and do while we put your plans into place.

This talk of being “aggressive” and a “bull dog” and other such schoolyard nonsense is a good way to run up your bill. I will defend you against bullies. I will help you keep a cool head. Cases are lost by people not keeping their cool. Holding it together while these cases are pending is not easy. But, it is easier with help. That is one of the most useful parts of a good Texas divorce lawyer.

Let’s get it done.

Robert Thronton

Meet Robert Thornton

I have practiced family law in North Texas for 18 years. I believe in personalized attention for my clients. I firmly believe that when you want to talk about your case, or need assurance, you would rather talk directly to an attorney, not a paralegal.

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An extremely great experience. Mr. Thornton is a great lawyer and an even greater person. I would recommend his services to anyone who is seeking professional council and a favorable outcome.

Clayton D.

Mr. Thornton was very professional and provided me the services that I needed within the quoted amount and advised me on what I needed to do when my situation changed and I no longer needed his services.

Holly N.

Mr.Thornton was fantastic and very knowledgeable. I could have not gotten through my fathers estate hearing with out him. I highly recommend him who is needing help with family civil cases. He helped me fight for a year and was there for me as a person not just a client. He is compassionate and...

Marie K.

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