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Each story has two sides. I care about your side. We tell your story so others can see things your way.

I have helped residents in Collin and Dallas counties and cities like Dallas, McKinney, Richardson, Addison, Garland, Murphy, Mesquite, Allen, Frisco. Sometimes I go to Kaufman County as well.

You have worked hard to build your life. Each day is precious. We know this. We also know what great responsibility it is to help you protect your freedom, your children and your property.

I give a voice to people who are fighting for their children, their property and their finances.

I vigorously defend people accused of family violence and driving while intoxicated.


Although divorce is the end of one thing, it is the beginning of another. Before that can happen, you must divide up your belongings and assets. If you are unable to work it out, you can go to mediation. With a good mediator, you stand a good chance of making a good deal and staying out of court. A good mediator just helps foster an agreement, they do not make judgments.

On the other hand, there are times when issues just have to be hashed out in court. If you need your day in court, our Plano family attorney can do that. Most cases involving children need temporary orders in place while the case is pending. These are orders for custody, child support, and control of property, like the marital home. As the case is filed, a temporary order hearing is set. It usually takes place in two

weeks from filing. If your custody or divorce case goes to trial after temporary orders, you actually get more than just your one day in court.

Texas is a community property state. Property acquired during the marriage belongs to both spouses. This also means at the beginning of the case, all property on the table is presumed to belong to both spouses. If you own separate property, you have to prove it. As for debt, not all debts have to be shared amongst the spouses. We will examine each situation individually.

Depending on a spouse’s situation and the length of the marriage, a spouse may be eligible to receive spousal maintenance.


In a Texas custody case, you are fighting over where your child will primarily live, child support, visitation and who gets to call the shots.

Texas custody cases are driven by what is in the child’s best interest. This is a wide open concept. Judges have a wide amount of latitude. Unless the child is in danger, the judge looks at many parts of the child’s life to decide who gets to determine the child’s primary residence. Who has been taking care of the child? Who gets the child to school, clothes them, feeds them, takes them to the doctor? Who can name all of the child’s teachers and doctors and friends?

If family violence has occurred, this affects what rights the offender will have as to the child and what kind of access they will get.

The facts needed to win your case are within you. As your Plano family lawyer, I just need to get them out.

In the beginning of my representation, we will spend some time together so I not only learn your story, but get a sense of who you are and where you are coming from. Then we build your case.

Criminal Defense

I defend those accused of DWI, family violence and drug possession.

Anyone who has anything to drink and drives an automobile stands a risk of getting arrested for driving while intoxicated. Police officers are sworn to protect the public. If they pull you over and smell alcohol, you will be pulled out of the car. So, while we don’t want drunk drivers on the road, sometimes it happens that an innocent person may get arrested. This is frustrating. Whether someone got caught in the dragnet or they made a bad decision, both need to be defended. I can help both of those people.

Family violence can have some bad consequences in addition to the criminal case. It affects rights to children, marital property and employment. There are many solutions to this situation. I’ve been able to work out deals and even get some of these dismissed. Let me help.

Drugs are a part of our society. If you get caught up with them, it can be tough get back out again. I help people get a second chance. Everybody makes mistakes. Including sometimes law enforcement. We will apply search and seizure law to your situation. Make the state prove their case.

Get Good Legal Advice

Call me. 972-422-1292. Or, come see me. My building is located at the tollway and George Bush. Easy to find with plenty of parking. You’ll get the benefit of 11 years of intense legal experience.

Among the cases I have handled:

  • I’ve gotten custody for grandparents
  • Interstate custody disputes
  • Protective orders: I have put protective orders on people and I have kept protective orders off of people
  • Restraining orders
  • Child support enforcement
  • Cases disputing what rights and duties a parent should have
  • Contempt of court
  • Visitation enforcement
  • Modification of child support
  • Modification of custody
  • Geographic restriction on where the child primarily lives
  • Determine the primary residence of the child
  • Custody cases involving physical abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction
  • Property division
  • Defense of family violence
  • Defense of driving while intoxicated
  • Defense of drug possession
  • In a world filled with injustice, Robert Thornton found justice for us by securing primary custody of our grandson for us. We are forever grateful. We strongly recommend his law firm. C.T.
  • Mr. Thornton's calm demeanor and good advice went a long way to reassure me as the process unfolded. We obtained a positive outcome by proceeding in the manner he recommended, so I can only be pleased with his services.Anonymous client
  • Robert represented my son in a DWI case. He did an excellent job. The case was ultimately dismissed. I was very impressed with how he handled the overzealous prosecutor's office. He returned all of our phone calls. I also hired Mr. Thornton to represent me in a divorce. The case was handled efficiently and the outcome was very good for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Thornton for any criminal or family case. Anonymous client
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