A mediation is often conducted by an attorney. The parties are placed in separate rooms at the mediator’s office. The mediator travels between the rooms, to relay the parties’ positions. A mediator with war experience can be helpful in giving the parties a feel for what might happen in the courtroom. The mediation is only as good as the mediator. If the parties reach an agreement, a settlement document is drafting and signed on the spot. This is called a “mediated settlement agreement” also called an MSA. Once this is signed, you cannot change it or renegotiate it. Anything said in the mediation is confidential and cannot be brought up in court later. So, it is important to go into mediation prepared.

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An extremely great experience. Mr. Thornton is a great lawyer and an even greater person. I would recommend his services to anyone who is seeking professional council and a favorable outcome.

Clayton D.

Mr. Thornton was very professional and provided me the services that I needed within the quoted amount and advised me on what I needed to do when my situation changed and I no longer needed his services.

Holly N.

Mr.Thornton was fantastic and very knowledgeable. I could have not gotten through my fathers estate hearing with out him. I highly recommend him who is needing help with family civil cases. He helped me fight for a year and was there for me as a person not just a client. He is compassionate and...

Marie K.

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