Temporary Divorce Orders

Temporary Divorce Orders

Family cases have a unique feature of temporary orders. In these orders, each side will know when and where to pick up the kids and when to bring them back. A court order helps keep everybody honest. But, if the parties cannot agree to who lives in the house and who gets to determine the kids’ primary residence, you will likely need a hearing. So, we file a motion to ask the court what we want. We give notice to the other side as to what we want. When you show up for the hearing, everyone will know what will be argued. If you do not put your requests in the motion, the other side can prevent you from arguing your requests.

Temporary Orders in a Divorce

Under Texas Family Code Section 6.502 the following temporary orders are available:

  • Spousal support.
  • Ordering the production of documents and records.
  • One spouse can be ordered to pay the other’s attorney fees and expenses.
  • A receiver can be appointed for the protection of property.
  • Ordering one spouse to stay away from a residence.
  • Anything a creative lawyer can come up with.

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