Domestic Violence

Defending The Falsely Accused

I’m not here to say domestic violence does not exist, but I do know that many many people are falsely accused of it.  Divorce attorneys love it.  It gives them a leg up in a custody case for sure.  Men get the short end of the stick in these situations.  If the police come to the home, the man gets arrested or at least told to leave.

My experience as a divorce attorney comes in handy in defending these cases.  Particularly if a divorce  is about to be filed or is pending when the domestic violence charge is filed.  I understand how to untangle the facts.  I understand what the accuser’s motivations are when 911 is dialed.

A domestic violence charge can follow someone for the rest of their life.  Domestic violence can affect what type of job you can get.  A domestic violence assault can determine where you live.  Most apartments will not lease you a home if you have a domestic violence charge or arrest on your record.  If you are not a citizen, a domestic violence charge can get you deported and prevent you from ever becoming a citizen.

A domestic violence charge in Texas can be a misdemeanor A up to a felony.  In Texas, you can take a deferred probation for this charge.  This means you can take probation and not be convicted.  When the probation ends, that person’s criminal record will show that the case was dismissed.  The problem is, the record of the arrest will remain there forever.  So, that person will have to talk about it at job interviews.

Emergency Protection Order

When someone is arrested for domestic violence, the judge who sets the bond may impose an emergency protection order.  This is a harsh restraining order.  If it is violated, the accused can pick up another criminal case. The emergency protection order can last from 31 to 91 days.  You can file to have this restraining order lifted or modified.  Having a hearing on the emergency protection order can lead to valuable information for the defense.

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