DWI Defense

There is one thing you can do to make sure you do not get arrested for a DWI.
  • That is to have absolutely no alcohol to drink before you drive a car. Taking a taxi home is not as expensive as a DWI arrest. Plus, you get the feeling of having a chauffeur.

On the other hand, it is NOT illegal to drink and then drive. Drinking and driving at the same time is illegal, of course. Just know that if you run a red light, drive above the speed limit, forget to put on your seat belt, you can get pulled over. If you are pulled over and the officer smells any alcohol, you will likely be arrested no matter what the officer may lead you to believe.
Think about a Dallas police officer who told me he uses the “shotgun” approach. He meant he would rather arrest people and let the prosecutors sort it out than to take a chance on letting someone go. I had a client who was arrested by the shotgun approach officer. I got his DWI dismissed.
So, what I’m trying to say is, even though having drinks and then driving a car is not illegal, you take a big risk when you do. This is especially true if you are out late at night. DWI laws are not always applied fairly.