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What Is The Role Of A Trial Attorney?

July 31, 2018

Many people in Texas deal with family law issues. This could involve estate matters or disputes of inheritance, divorce and child custody and a variety of other issues. These legal matters are very important to family members and the outcome of these cases often impacts those involved for the rest of their lives. To this end, it is vitally important that you get the best representation possible for your case. While there are many family law firms available to choose from in Dallas, there is one important and distinguishing factor that may set them apart: their experience with handling trials.

Many of our clients may assume every lawyer understands how to handle a trial, appear before a judge and jury, and argue a case in court. They may be surprised to learn that this is often not the case. In fact, many attorneys, even those with years of experience, may have never actually taken a case to trial or appeared in court to represent their clients. This is likely due to the fact that most civil lawyers, such as those who practice family law, often don’t have to take their cases to trial. Roughly 90 percent of all family law cases are settled out of court. This may be done through a settlement offer that avoids trial or through a less intensive resolution process such as mediation.

Most attorneys encourage making a settlement or going through mediation. There are many reasons for this that do benefit clients. A trial can become very expensive, so avoiding one often saves the client a great deal of money in legal expenses. Trials often prolong a case and may take months or even years to resolve fully. From a family law perspective, a trial is often seen as the most negative outcome, showing that spouses or family members involved cannot come to terms and must have their disputes decided for them.

That said, having a trial lawyer on your side is vitally important. A lawyer and the client may do everything possible to avoid going to trial, but the attorney must always be prepared to go to trial. They must be prepared to argue their case before a judge or jury and represent the client to the best of their ability in court. Since many lawyers have little experience doing this, those who do have the experience and expertise are far more likely to be successful in the courtroom.

The need for a skilled trial lawyer is one of the many reasons to hire an attorney from an experienced firm that does not shy away from the courtroom. Sometimes a trial is simply the best way to resolve a case in the client’s favor. A Dallas Family Lawyer like Robert Thornton has experience as a trial lawyer and will not hesitate to bring your case to the courtroom if that is the best option for you. They will represent you at every step of the process. This means examining your case in its entirety, possibly suggesting means to reach a settlement or mediation and representing you throughout each step. If you have a family law matter to resolve, contact Thornton Law today.

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