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What Are the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children?

May 12, 2018

In the U.S., there are high rates of domestic violence among live-in partners and married couples. Many people focus primarily on the men and women involved in these relationships, when in reality there is more to it. They forget that domestic violence has a more damaging impact on the children who are caught in the middle. This article teaches more about the impact on children who must deal with domestic violence.

Passive Victims

As many as 10 million children see at least one act of domestic violence in their lifetimes. Some children confront the perpetrator, but the majority of them do not act and remain silent. In addition, adult victims of domestic violence are also known to keep silent and not contact anyone for help.

Since children have fewer resources and communicative skills than adults, they are more likely to remain passive and allow the abuse to continue. However, they do not remain untouched by the abusive acts they witness. The more abuse they see, the more damages they will suffer to their mental and emotional state.

Damaged Futures

All children who grow up in violent households suffer some kind of long-lasting damage. For some children, the effects are minor and they are able to live fairly normal lives. For others, the effects are life-changing and obvious to everyone around them.

Many children naturally inhabit and imitate the behaviors that they grew up with at home. As teens, they talk back to teachers or become aggressive with other classmates. As they grow into adults, they become more violent and hostile to people around them, either verbally or physically.

However, many children have been known to turn their negative experiences into positive ones. As adults, they become counselors, police officers or motivational speakers in an effort to stop domestic violence. They work to prevent the same experiences from being repeated in other households.

The Importance of Legal Representation

The experts at Thornton Law resolve a wide range of cases that relate to domestic violence in Addison, TX. They help men or women who want to divorce their abusive partner and divide up their personal assets fairly. Lawyers help them to gain custody of their children and order regular payments for child support. Without proper legal assistance, it’s difficult and often impossible to remove yourself from an abusive partner.

Domestic violence in Addison, TX has long-term effects on children that are almost always negative. Lawyers are needed to protect the legal rights of the abused victims, which include the children. Contact the Thornton Law office to meet with a professional and discuss your situation in detail. It could make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

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