ALR Hearing Request Texas

After the arrest, if you fail the breath test or you refused the test, you have 15 days to ask for an administrative license revocation hearing (ALR Hearing Request Texas).  Now along with a DWI, an arrested person has to defend their driver’s license in a court that is separate from the criminal court.

At some point in the arrest procedure, you will receive some papers. They are called the DIC 24 and DIC 25.  One is the statutory warning, telling you what will happen if they ask for a breath or blood specimen.  Another is your notice of suspension and temporary driving permit.  This paper will be your driving permit for 40 days.

Even though the officer takes your license, your license is not suspended at that moment.  If you do not ask for a hearing to get your license back, your license will be suspended.  After the temporary 40 day permit runs out, you will need an occupational license.  If you do ask for the hearing, you do not need to worry about the 40 day period, because the suspension will not take effect while a hearing is pending, even beyond 40 days.

Why do an ALR hearing request in Texas?  You might win the hearing.  If you subpoena the officer who arrested you and he does not show up, you win the hearing.  The odds of winning with the officer there are low.  But, the point is to get information early in the case.  Why get information you ask? Particularly when the breath or blood shows that that you had alcohol in your system?  Good question.

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